Have you ever found that a man you are interested in...

...almost seems to be distracted from the text messages you send?

 He reads, or at least sees your messages
...but he doesn't seem to feel the need to respond to you quickly?
Discover the best text messages that will help you REALLY get through to the man you want!

(And get him to make a serious commitment to your relationship)...

...and make him say " I want... and need YOU!"

Yes, I want to learn the best text messages at $19 instead of $59!

  • Do you dream of sparking this man's curiosity simply by typing a few sentences?
  • ​​Do you want to create some mystery to make him want to know more about you?
  • ​​Do you want him to strive to keep in touch with you with nothing more than a handful of text messages?

Or even better:
Create a special bond with the man you are texting...
...and make him blind to all his other notifications?

Unfortunately, it’s often the opposite that keeps happening!

For example:
You meet a guy, and everything goes very quickly as soon as you give him your number.

You exchange long text messages with cute emojis.
You feel butterflies in your stomach and think that maybe he is "the one."
You get excited and already start to project yourself into a life together.

And now!
Suddenly he is taking a long time to reply, and it feels like he’s pulling away…
And you see the sign that means that the flame is dying out fast:

Short, uninterested text messages…

Texts that feel more like a *courtesy* than a real desire to talk to you:
“Hey, sleep well?”
You see where I’m going.

…This is what a relationship looks like when it’s headed downhill… Especially when you wish it was going WAY better than this.
And the worst is when you notice that this is a repeating pattern in your relationships. Especially when you feel you found someone special!

Do you know why you have lost this man’s interest?
Spoiler alert: It has to do with how you communicate.

Want to find out what is on his mind right now?
(If you knew, it would be super hard for him NOT to pursue you...)
...and here again, you just need to know how to master communication!

I can offer you a range of tools to achieve this and make his desire to be with you uncontrollable.
AND make him loathe the idea of not hearing from you for two hours...

Let me expand on that in a moment, but first, answer this for me:

Do you, like 99% of the women I coach, think that you need to reassure a man about your feelings for him in order to make him fall for you?

It is perfectly normal to think this way…
Especially because this false belief is engrained in us starting very early.
Discover my new course where I have compiled the best text messages to send him!
To make sure you don't send text messages that could ruin your chances with him
To find out his level of interest, AND move things forward without rushing him or putting pressure on yourself

So that you NEVER panic again if he doesn't answer right away, and calmly send the text message that will shake him up (without having to spend hours with your girlfriends trying to figure out what to say!)
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$19 instead of $59

But before you join the program, please make me a promise...
...to stick with it!
Even if it doesn't work at first (there will always be challenges, I can promise you that as a coach)
...and based on the data from over 100,000 individual coaching sessions I've done...

2nd thing to keep in mind:
These text messages are POWERFUL, but they aren’t magic
They are not there to replace the real conversations!
But they are there to trigger specific reactions in him (the ones we WANT from him).
This is what you will learn:
Turning up the heat by text message, without him seeing you as a booty call
Totally change what he thought he needed in his love life in a single paragraph - only to realize that all he wants in the end is you.
Weaving a long-term relationship even when it starts at 200mph (and you've already been intimate): Special text messages to control the pace
Reveal your intentions in a way that will make him want to commit; not run away...
How to show him that you are totally cool (but still interested)! Discover the art of teasing with subtlety and humor!
How to make him react by creating a sense of mystery that will make him want to know more about you
Men's desire is visual, women's is cerebral: my technique to play on this aspect and make him as crazy with desire for you (without sending a picture or "sexting”)!
The secrets of successful small talk: text messages that make him laugh by talking about the rain, the sun or even your grandmother.
What you should never do with a man who is hesitant (warning)!
How to REALLY get to know each other without spending hours typing.
The ultimate text message to make him think “Damn, this woman is really special and different, how do I talk to her to make her fall in love?"
Everything that troubles you in your relationships with men explained in great detail. (And the solutions!)
THE text message to get what you want.

Has your relationship become monotonous and predictable?
Do you feel like the routine has removed all sense of excitement and passion?
Are you worried that it is undermining the foundation and pushing you further and further away from the one you love?

Well, we’ve got good news for you! In this Free Bonus, not only will you learn how to tackle the routine, but how to make sure it never rears its ugly head in your relationship ever again!
It’s time to put a stop to the routine and we are here to show you how.

Do you feel like you’re always the one putting in all the work?
Do guys take you for granted or leave you hanging?
Does it seem like the more you try, the further you feel from your goals in love?

As frustrating as this feeling is…it is also completely fixable!
In this Free Bonus, you’re going to learn how to get the guy to chase you, put you on a pedestal, and become the one that is making the effort!
It’s time to awaken his inner Prince Charming who will fight for you…and we are here to show you how.

Did you know that codependency is the number one cause of breakups and relationship issues?
And did you know that it can easily be fixed?

Codependency stems from a myriad of different challenges in a person’s life, but one thing is for sure:
It ruins relationships.
So if you have been struggling with codependency, this Free Bonus is for you!
In this course, you are going to learn how to overcome codependency once and for all so that your relationship can thrive, you can enjoy peace of mind, and your partner can fall deeper in love with you than ever.
Don’t let codependency cast a dark shadow over your love life ever again!

Online dating!
It is an incredible tool at your disposal, but perhaps it feels overwhelming to you.
It opens the doors to a plethora of people that you would never have the opportunity to meet in real life… but how do you maximize this tool?
How do you chat with strangers? How do you plan dates? How can you showcase your personality on your dating profile? How can you stand out?

If you’ve been wondering how to get the best out of dating apps, this 5-Part Free Bonus is for you!
In this course, you are going to learn the answers to all your questions, how to create the best profile, the ins and outs of online dating, and how to use this incredible tool to find something special.

One of the most insidious relationship killers is jealousy.
It can trickle in and ruin the very foundation of a happy relationship by creating doubts, tensions, and insecurities. And worst of all, it can create resentment in your partner and push you even further apart.
So how do you make it go away? How can you repair the damage? How can you make sure it never comes back?

Well, if you have been struggling with toxic jealousy undermining your relationship's happiness, this Free Bonus is for you!
You are going to learn how to overcome it once and for all so that your relationship can finally heal AND flourish.

Is your relationship on the brink of disaster?
Do you feel like you’re about to lose the love of your life?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save this relationship and set it out on a new path?

Then this 5-Part Free Bonus is for you. You are going to learn how to pinpoint the root of the problems you are facing, how to reconnect with the one you love, make them see that a happy future with you is possible, and how to make that happen!
This period of stress and anxiety can finally be behind you. It is time to enjoy the beautiful future that is waiting for you and your partner, and we are here to show you how to make it happen.

Does the term “emotional baggage” strike a chord with you?
Do you feel like your demons from the past are messing with your life today?
Are you ready to get in control of your past to set your future on a new path?

Then this 5-Part Free Bonus is for you. You are going to learn how to clear away the pain and suffering from your past so that you can finally be free. Whether it was something that you experienced during your childhood, during a relationship, or in your day to day life, you are going to learn how to hit the reset button and experience a new life.
The past can finally remain where it belongs: in the past. Now you can finally move forward with confidence and peace of mind! It’s time to watch your relationship with yourself and with the one(s) you love flourish, and we are here to show you how.

Have you been dreaming of becoming a real femme fatale in the sheets?
Are you ready to rock this guy’s world like no one ever has before?
Do you want to learn the most powerful tips and techniques that will make him crave you every hour of the day?

Then this 5-Part Free Bonus is for you. You are going to learn how to enjoy sex without any inhibitions and create an insatiable desire between you and the man you want. You will master the physical aspect of making a man orgasm; but also the mental aspect!
This is how you get him totally hooked on you. It is time to tap into your inner-Aphrodite and cultivate a sex life that leaves him worshipping you as the goddess that you are.

Click here to discover the top text messages and get through to your man’s heart! (And make him realize that there is no one else he could want!)

$19 instead of $59

What men want!
The mistakes to avoid now!
Teasing messages
Examples of seductive and flirty messages
The art of connecting with a man
The art of making a sexual connection
And of course, the list of text messages ready for sending!

And with these texts:
You'll kiss your fears goodbye when you meet a man you like...
...and know exactly what to write to him to get him to commit to a long-term relationship.
Click here to discover the top text messages and get through to your man’s heart! (And make him realize that there is no one else he could want!)

$19 instead of $59

 "Will this work for me?
The best text messages are based on thousands of tests and feedback from individual coaching sessions and email support.
 "I already tried to text him, and it didn't work…"
If you have tried to find text messages by yourself on the internet, blogs, etc. Make sure to check the skills and qualifications of the person sharing them.

I also strongly recommend that you adapt these text messages to your situation and learn the basics of emotional communication to get real results.
 "I've never purchased this kind of product on the web."
Our economy is becoming more and more digital, and Covid has only accelerated this trend. Millions of people buy educational products on the internet every day.

Think of it as a classroom or simply a book in a virtual version. It's a new way of buying and a new way of learning.
 "I'm afraid he'll find out that I'm not the one writing the texts…"
As I said: these text messages are not meant to replace a conversation, but to trigger a specific reaction in the man you are interested in. For example, they can highlight your humor and make him laugh, keep his attention, arouse his desire, help you figure out his intentions without even asking him the question, etc.
They also allow you to bounce back from an “awkward" message, and ask a question that tells you much more about his feelings than a "classic" question.
This is a list of text messages (to be adapted to your situation) and to be used regularly, and he will never suspect that someone else has written them because you will adapt them!
 "Is this really for me?"
If you are getting what you want from all your flirting and dating, then no, you don't need this program.
It's really for you if you're struggling to make a relationship happen and the text message part requires a lot of mental energy for very little results...

...and you're tired of worrying about what to send to the man you like to start and maintain a good conversation.
Click here to discover the top text messages and get through to your man’s heart! (And make him realize that there is no one else he could want!)

$19 instead of $59

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